Service Overview

IT Ecology has provided quality assurance, testing and monitoring services to customers in South Africa and abroad for nearly 20 years now, which has allowed our team to gain an in-depth understanding of best practices whilst also applying quality assurance and monitoring in an ever-changing IT landscape.

IT Ecology consultants are geared to understand client requirements and deliver consulting and services engagements that address overall Quality Maturity, Test Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Application and Network Performance Engineering as well as Application and Network Security testing and monitoring.

Services are offered on a short, medium, or long term basis and customers can choose to engage us for service types such as Managed Services, Ad-Hoc Services, or Contracting Services. Please use our Contacts page to request any of the services offered.

QA Consulting

Quality Assurance has always been a critical element of a successful software delivery but the way software quality is approached needs to adapt to the faster-paced software delivery lifecycles. Quality is also no longer measured by internal metrics describing how well the application is working or not. Instead, quality is measured by the user’s experience and business outcomes. This alone significantly affects what metrics are used to describe quality and thus which metrics are to be tested, instead of only measuring functional aspects of the system we now also include usability and performance at the user interface.

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There are two expected outcomes from any form of application testing: Better quality and with that an improved user experience, and better decision-making information about risks and associated costs of moving code into production

In testing, the primary reason for any form of automation, therefore, is to deliver against the abovementioned objectives faster and with greater accuracy. The faster your software delivery life cycle, the more often small changes and code additions are introduced into production making the need for automation even greater.

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Application Performance Engineering

Pre-production performance testing, profiling, analysis, and tuning are critical activities of the Application Performance Management process for any new application or code change to ensure that production performance issues are kept to an absolute minimum before deploying. Whilst performance testing provides the loading of systems and server turnaround times, in the end, it is really user experience that matters most and that against the same connectivity parameters that real users will experience.

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Security Testing

Vulnerabilities are ever on the increase, whether introduced by less than secure coding practices from internal DEV teams or introduced into your application by the use of open-source modules. The only way to make sure vulnerabilities are kept at bay is a multi-pronged approach, shifting far left and increasing static code analysis practices whilst also testing for vulnerabilities at run-time with dynamic application security testing.

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Solution Deployments and Management

IT Ecology provides enterprise-grade solutions to address modern day IT challenges in the testing and monitoring space, but in order to extract maximum value from your investment, it is imperative that the solution is deployed as per vendor specification, appropriate architecture and in line with client specific requirements. This includes setting of thresholds and development of dashboards and/or reporting.

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IT Ecology offers a range of training services to clients to ensure clients are able to operate the solutions provided by IT Ecology independently and extract value from the investment made.

Training can be offered at the time of procuring a solution from IT Ecology or at any later stage as is sometimes required when team members leave the organisation or a refresher course is required.

Training services can be customised to client requirements and can be hosted remotely, at the IT Ecology training facility or a suitable environment at the customer site.