Software Partners

IT Ecology’s market-leading software partners

IT Ecology, born as a services-only business, has gained experience in a large number of testing and monitoring solutions, understanding their value based on the features provided, ease of use and openness to integrate.

Based on this experience, we have aligned ourselves with a select list of vendors that we believe have the innovative best-of-breed solutions in each of their respective fields.

Keysight is a market-leader in the test and measurement space including application, network and security testing

Keysight helps businesses to test, monitor, and analyse their end-to-end customer experience of applications and continuously improve their business outcomes.

Other solutions adopted by IT Ecology include vulnerability testing and blocking solutions as well as network testing and monitoring platforms including emulators and packet brokers.

Digital performance management for business, operations and development

Dynatrace digital experience monitoring combines real user monitoring, synthetic checks, mobile app monitoring, and big data analytics to provide full insights into each customer’s digital experience. When user experience is degraded, Dynatrace assists with root cause analysis because it sees every click of every user associated method stack as well as 3rd party or database calls. Other features include log analytics, AppSec monitoring and pipeline integration with quality gates, curtesy of Dynatrace Keptn.

Application and AppSec testing

Global competition demands innovative apps that meet all customer expectations. Software teams must adapt to the volume and velocity of evolving business requirements. IT Ecology partner with Micro Focus for their market-leading performance testing solution LoadRunner, their exceptional Service Virtualisation solution as well as the enterprise grade AppSec solution, Fortify.

Giving peace of mind to all organizations deploying networked applications.

iTrinegy’s Software Defined Test Networks technology provides organizations with a way to create real-world network conditions in which to analyze, predict and verify application performance before deploying applications into potentially challenging network environments. The insight it provides allows businesses to effectively manage their digital products and brand, reducing deployment costs and risk, mitigating remediation expense and impact to resources at the same time as improving quality.